What is speech and language therapy?

The speech and language therapy service at Speech Symbol and Sign helps children of all abilities develop speech, language and communication skills to their full potential.

This could involve helping your child to learn his/her first words and how to put these words together into sentences.

Maybe the focus will be on encouraging your child both to listen to and understand longer sentences.

Your child could need additional help to learn to say certain letter sounds.

Your child may be struggling to learn to talk due to physical or learning disabilities, or a combination of both. He/She will require an individualised specialist programme of therapy, building on his/her strengths in order to develop effective communication

The first, assessment appointment always takes place in the child’s home, with one or both parents present, as children are normally at their most confident at home.

Therapy is always play based, and it can be useful for a child to have a favourite toy or book to share with the therapist at this first appointment.

Experience has shown it is best not to tell your chid that they will need to talk – children go strangely silent when they know this!

Maybe tell your child that someone is coming to play with him/her, and look at books.

At the first appointment the therapist will discuss any concerns the parents have, gather background information, and assess the child through targeted play and book activities.

This will give a picture of the child’s difficulties and needs. The outcome will be discussed with parents, and a joint decision will be made regarding any further therapy.